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Hello, my name is Jorge Bartual.

I'm a web designer focused on presentation and efficiency.

Based in Benidorm, Spain.

My Services

Continuously Creating Daring Digital Solutions

Efficient Design

I make sure you'll end up satisfied with the performance of your site. An efficient site turns leads into conversions

Perfect Coding

A long programming journy has served me well, giving me tons of experience on how to depurate and tweak the code until it works perfect.


I direct a great part of my focus towards the marketing side. I can implement marketing solutions that will get you frequent leads visiting your website.


I like to make sure that everyone who works with me leaves satisfied, therefore, I offer them a 11 days free plan in which they can suggest any improvements without an additional charge.


I offer front-end and back-end solutions, which means that I work both with the visuals and aesthetics and all the engines underneath the surface. That translates into tons of possibilities.

Web Design

I'm in love with the elegant and the straight-forward. That's why I don't sell flashy web solutions, I offer clear and direct tools that quickly enhance the business logistics.

Meet Me

Creative Nerd

Daring, creative young lad with loads of ambition and a computer.

Jorge Bartual Marcén
UI/UX Web Developer

About Me

I wrote my first code by age 12, and I haven't been the same ever since. I fell in love so deeply that I would beg my grandpa to buy me books (I owe my success to him).

Landing my first job as a web developer by age 14 was definitely a challenge by the time, that once overcome, served me to realise what my purpose would be: becoming the best I could be and dedicating my time and energy to perform my passion.

The decision of dropping out of college was not an easy one. But I chose to dedicate full time to this - probably the best choice I've made so far. I'm way too excited about the times to come and I'm sure you and I could carry out amazing projects together. You just need to hit me up!

Graphic Design 80%
Marketing and SEO70%

HTML5 90%
CSS3 80%
PHP 90%
JavaScript 80%
C/C++ 60%
Ruby 70%
Lua 90%

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